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Top Pick – Orbit Baby Double Helix Baby Stroller

When my two daughter’s were growing, I went through MANY different strollers. I tried cheap ones, expensive ones and several different creatively designed strollers.  One I didn’t have the opportunity to try, but I recently had the chance to check out in person is the Orbit Baby Double Helix stroller.  If this baby stroller was available back when I needed a double stroller, it would have been my top choice.

The Orbit baby stroller and car seats are one of the best designed products currently on the market. They are slightly more expensive than other brands, but well worth the money when you consider who’s riding in them and how often you’ll be using them.

Here are some of the nice features of the Orbit baby double helix stroller… With two SmartHub rings, parents now have the option to stroll with multiple combinations of Orbit Baby seats (infant car seat, stroller seat, bassinet, and toddler car seat sold separately), making it perfect for siblings, twins, and growing families. Front and back rotating seats mean siblings can interact while strolling, and the swiveling double seat makes it easy to help your child get in and out. With just a couple of clicks, the frame converts on the fly into an uncompromised single stroller to fit your changing family life. The patented QuadShock suspension on all wheels gives the stroller a plush ride, and the narrow 6 wheel maneuverable frame easily navigates through narrow doors and aisles. The stroller’s compact, nested 3D fold fits in many different trunk spaces, and its smart storage options include a large under stroller basket, two cupholders, a smartphone slot, and the ShadePad tablet pocket. It also features a custom black finish aerospace grade aluminum frame, 3 position telescoping handlebar, and hassle free, no pump tires. The Double Helix Stroller Frame is compatible with Orbit Baby’s stroller accessories, including the Sidekick Stroller Board (when in single mode).

All of these great features make the Orbit baby double helix baby stroller one of my Parenting Tips Blender TOP PICKS!

New Shopping area on The Parenting Tips Blender

DaVinci-Emily-3-Drawer-Changer-Dresser-Ebony-0-0One of our NEW shopping sections (one of many to come) is now online!  We’ll be extending the Parenting Tips Blender in the months to come to include more shopping options, parenting information, family travel tips and ideas and much more.

Our latest addition is our “Shopping for your Baby Nursery” section. This new section includes the following categories:

If you’re looking for our popular top 10 lists, you’ll find those here. But we encourage you to check out our newest shopping sections above. They’ll have the latest and greatest in each of the categories. You’re sure to find the perfect nursery furniture for you new baby nursery.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more new shopping options including baby gear such as strollers and car seats, health and safety products and a wide variety of gifts for new parents, grandparents, keepsakes and more!

Review and Giveaway Sites / Blogs for Family, Parents and Baby

Giveaway sitesEveryone loves free stuff… especially new or experienced parents trying to save some money. Thankfully giveaway sites and giveaway blogs are abundant across the internet. If you spend a little time searching, you can enter one giveaway site after another and have a good chance of winning some great stuff if you stick with it.

There are many different types of giveaway sites. Some concentrate only on giveaways, while many other review products and then giveaway the product they review. This is a win-win-win situation since the company putting up the product gets a review along with potential customers… the site or blog reviewing the product gets free stuff for themselves and their visitors… and you and I end up getting free stuff.

There are blogs and giveaway sites which cover baby items, toddler items, family stuff, electronics, and everything in-between. If you’re looking for a particular type of product, search for that term and put giveaway, contest or sweepstakes after the item you’re looking for. For example, if your looking for a diaper bag. Search Google using the term “diaper bag giveaway” or “diaper bag contest”. By narrowing down your searches you’ll usually find what you’re looking for. Or if you just want to check out all the giveaway sites do a more general search such as “giveaway site for baby” or “giveaway and reviews for parents”. You’ll be amazed at what you can find with a little looking.

Below are a few of my favorite giveaway sites for baby, toddler or family related items. Some of these giveaways sites can be found on our Fresh Giveaway page.

Do you have a favorite giveaway site or blog? Let us know and we’ll add it.


Shopping for your new baby nursery? Check out our new Top 10 Section!

Dad and Baby in Nursery RoomOne of the many fun parts of having a new baby on the way is when you get to start setting up that new baby nursery. The number of baby nursery products on the market is constantly changing. You’ll be overwhelmed with the choices if you don’t find a good list of narrowed down choices.

Our new top 10 / top rated shopping section is just what you need!

We’ve broken down our list to show you the top 10 best selling and top rated (according to customer reviews) baby nursery products including baby cribs, bassinets, cradles, changing tables, crib mattresses and more.

Now you don’t have to search endless websites to find the safest and best baby nursery products out there. Save your time for other stuff and just look at the top 10 baby nursery products.

Why do children rebel against parents helping with homework?

Children and homeworkI remember the feeling when I was a child. My parents wanted to help with my homework, but I didn’t really want the help. I would get frustrated, annoyed… but why?

Now I’m getting to experience the same thing my parents did.

Yesterday I was trying to help my 8 year old daughter prepare for a test when all of a sudden I started feeling the attitude. The annoyance. I kept calm and kept trying to help, but then came the comment from my daughter “I can do this on my own.” I had flashbacks of being young and doing the same thing to my parents.

Why do children rebel and get annoyed with parents when they’re trying to help them with their homework?  Is it genetically encoded in us that we don’t want help from our parents? Provide food, clothing, shelter.. and toys, but don’t think about trying to help them study for a test.

My tips for combating this:

  1. Stay calm. Remember you too were once young and did this same thing to your parents.
  2. Keep helping. Again, stay calm. As much as they think they know it all, they don’t. Keep helping and remember it’s for their benefit.
  3. Try helping in a different way. Instead of asking them questions, turn it around and have them ask you questions. It will still make them think about what they’re studying, but doesn’t put them on the spot.
  4. Switch parents. If the dad is helping, maybe the child is frustrated with dad for some reason. Have mom come in for a little while.
  5. Punish them and send the to their room.  Just kidding. My #5 tip would be the same as #1. Stay calm and keep helping.

What are your suggestions, tips and opinions? Share them below.

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Ways of Making Your Teenage Child Quit Smoking

Guest post by Agnes J.

Teenage smoking is a common misdemeanor among deviant children, and those without any record of delinquency. Proper parenting skills are desperately needed by parents and guardians in order to discern this habit early enough in order to put ways in place to mitigate it. Smoking and general drug abuse is common among children in their early teens, since this is the age at which teenage curiosity to experiment with drugs is at its peak. There are different ways that parents can use in order to escape witnessing their teenage children turn into full-fledged smokers.

No SmokingRole-modeling is the perfect way to lead a teenager into acceptable standards of behavior. A parent should present a good example to his or her children in their formative stages of development by becoming beacons of morality in their homes. Children emulate what they see around their environment, and so it becomes of the essence that parents set high moral standards by “walking the talk.” Parents who want their kids to quit smoking should not be smokers themselves, lest the children think that it is legitimate if they (kids) too smoked.

Dialogue should be initiated between a parent and a child in order to establish what the root cause of his or her smoking habit could be. An informal tone should be adopted by a parent or guardian, as a too formal a talk can render the whole process futile. A parent must not interrogate the child or try to reprimand him or her, since this would cloud every effort in trying to diagnose the cause of the teen’s smoking, or even lead to a child’s withdrawal from any familial talk. As a parent, you should endeavor to acquire deeper insights into why your teenage child smokes, which would help in putting a stop to the habit.

Accessing parenting resources could also be helpful for parents who are naive in matters of parenting. Such portals as thefamilycompass.com offer advice and tips on parenting. A lot of articles on juvenile behavior and teen-parenting topics can be accessed in that repository free-of-charge. No harm is done in relating to the experience of others on matters of parenting.

It is important therefore, that parents learn to become good examples, talk to their children, and find out from others the best practices as far as parenting is concerned. Tips on how to go about all this can be accessed at www.thefamilycompass.com.

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Stylish and Fashionable Diaper Bags for Mom

Finding stylish and fashionable diapers bags was a somewhat difficult thing to do a few years back. Not anymore. Diaper bags now come in a huge variety of colors, patterns, materials, shapes and sizes. While I’ve still been unable to find what I consider the perfect bag for dad… you’ll have no problem finding that perfect diaper bag for mom.

Coco Diaper BagI’ve followed the evolution of diaper bags since around 1998 when I first starting selling them through my previous website for parents. We don’t currently have the top 10 rated diaper bags on the Parenting Tips Blender, but it’s coming soon. Meanwhile, check out the big selection of pink diaper bags on my Rainebrooke.com website.

I was also recently contacted by BabyBeau, which is a UK company that has some beautiful diaper bags. The Coco Dusty Pink diaper bag caught my eye, but they have a great selection of diaper bags that look nothing like a diaper bag.

From BabyBeau…

Becoming a parent can be a life altering experience, but it needn’t
define you. Babybeau produce luxury fashion changing bags that combine
style with functionality, enabling parents to fuel their inner
fashionista without sacrificing the practicalities of a conventional
changing bag. Whether a parent craves sophistication, fashion chic, or
a touch of elegance, Babybeau’s designer collection caters for all.

Babybeau’s elegant range of changing bags comfortably accommodate
parenthood, whilst enabling parents to maintain their sense of style.
By removing the pop-out baby organiser, each bag instantly transforms
into a regular handbag, suitable for any occasion… conveniently
making room for a lifestyle beyond the nappies, baby-wipes, bottles
and bibs.

BabyBeau founder and mother of one, Rebecca Gono comments: “Becoming
a parent throws you into a completely new arena. Many mothers, in
particular, find themselves juggling different lifestyles: as a
mother, a business woman, a wife or partner. Through BabyBeau, I’ve
designed a collection of bags that adapt to these various lifestyles
without surrendering fashion for practicality, enabling parents to
have it all.“

BabyBeau prides itself on a collection of luxurious leather bags,
suitable for both men and women, that exude stylish flair and enable
parents to be more than just parents.

Visit www.Baby-Beau.co.uk to view the full collection.